Ice-Pick Lodge in Cologne

Some part of the Ice-Pick Lodge team is in Cologne right now! You can find us at GDC, Innovate Kiosk, until August, 18. And after August 18 meet us at Gamescom business-zone, Booth C34, Hall 2.1.

If you visit any of these events, you could see a demo-version of our new Pathologic and ask any questions to our developers. Follow us at our newsfeeds! More news about our progress: coming soon!


Not a Remake

The new Pathologic will be different from the original one—that much we have already said. But on the scale of “totally new characters” to “just kinda retexturing the Polyhedron a bit”, what scope of changes are we talking about here?

Short answer: …is pointless, is it not? “Well, many things will change, but we’ll preserve the core concepts and, like, characters and stuff” just doesn’t cut it. Not anymore. We feel it’s long past due for us to give you the long answer—which will also inevitably have to be compressed, since the truly detailed explanation takes ~70 hours and demands you play the game itself. Still, we are going to try. We’ve even ordered an additional pack of bullet points to go with the customary verbosity.


First thing first: it’s not final, but it’s a true, real, honest-to-god screenshot

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Classic Ice-Picks! (Not Really)

At the end of October, we are planning to release the original Pathologic on Steam.

Not the Remake. The original game. It will, however, feature a number of enhancements, such as improved graphics and visual effects; cloud saves (and other modern-ish stuff it was deprived of previously); and a completely new translation produced by an in-house team from scratch.

Now may be a good moment to reiterate that this is not the remake, which is still in the works, but rather a thing that we heartily call “Pathologic Classic HD: Now Comprehensible”.

Now, we know it may be a bit confusing—

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Knock Knock I’m Back

The long and winding story of Knock Knock PS4 pricing has finally come to a close. It’s been an enlightening experience; we’ve come to realize that it is essential to research anything that seems obscure to you in excruciating detail (unless you’re the Lodger). Also that PSN only has three regions.

The current price is 8,99 EUR, and it’s final. If you’ve been waiting for the pricing situation to resolve, there’s no more need to wait until dawn: now is the perfect moment to finally buy the game. Thank you for your patience—and have a good spook!


Please Don’t Buy Knock Knock

Yesterday, Knock Knock arrived on PS4. It’s a very important breakthough for our studio: the first Ice-Pick game on consoles ever!

Please don’t buy it.

Not yet. Not if you live in Europe, anyway.

The thing is, due to certain complications, the current price of the game is thrice as high as we’ve planned. Regional prices are a very important matter—and the current price tag is simply unfair for certain economies. We’ve misjudged the flexibility of the PSN service, and now, as a compromise, we’re working on lowering the PSN price of Knock Knock to €5 across all Europe. It will be updated on September, 18th.

We suggest you refrain from buying the game until then—it wouldn’t make sense to pay more since we’re unlikely to be able to provide you with additional benefits.

If you live in Europe, have already purchased the game, and feel unhappy with the price situation, please contact us at and we will try to figure out something.

The North American price of Knock Knock will remain unchanged, so you’re welcome to try the PS4 Knock Knock experience right away.

Thank you for your attention and for the patience.

Be vigilant


We’re there! Or rather “here”, seeing how we we’ve moved to the Land of Funded Projects overnight and are currently looking at its inhabitants curiously. The requirements for entering the place are a feverish glint in the eyes and cheering people in the comment section. Seems like we have both.

And the funds. Pathologic has been successfully funded.

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And Here The Path of Erratic Logic Begins

So, er, we kind of knew there are some people interested in our endeavours and possibly frustrated with some aspects of original Pathologic, but we’re floored. We never thought we’d manage to collect more than $60,000 in our first few hours—more than 1/4th of the required sum! (Things are moving so fast that we actually had to correct the number while writing this update. More than once.)

Thank you so much! Each and every one of you. We don’t want to say something posh and cliche here, like “it’s an honor” or “we’ll do our best to be worthy of the faith you’ve put in us”. Just bear in mind that there’s a bunch of folks somewhere in Russia who keep refreshing the Backers page, reading every name and smiling giddily.

Thank you. There’ll be updates with more substance very soon.


(We’re also very grateful to The Chinese Room, Tale of Tales, and Brian Fargo for their support. We love their games, and it’s nice to know the feeling is mutual.)

Oh, and here’s another nice thing: a feature by Adam Smith of Rock, Paper, Shotgun on what exactly and why exactly we’re remaking (or rather reimagining). Hopefully you’ll find it insightful!

Nikolay Dybovsky of Ice-Pick Lodge: Enemy Is on My Back! Of the Role of Time in the Gaming Process (Report from Russian Game Developers’ Conference 2006)

I will begin with a minute excuse. This report was written back in February (2006, Interpreter) but I kept on coming back to it from time to time to mend and add something. And every time all that I had written astonished me so much that I started over and over again. Last time I did it was exactly the night before I was to report, so here it goes again. I guess the topic itself is such that it takes over the thought and dictates from the very beginning. That is why this report turned out to be somewhat fragmentary.

I decided to address you as my colleagues, people that earnestly desire to truly understand all this. I will just share my observations that I managed to make and I won’t make any structured conclusions. This thankless toil I have prepared for you.

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