Come, Little Birds (For Free)

The Marble Nest, a short teaser game for Pathologic, is now available to everyone for free.

Yep, you heard it right.

To everyone.

For free.


Just go to Pathologic’s Steam page (for free), click the “Download Demo” button (to the right, above the list of your friends who want the game, and free), and then send the link to the website to everyone you would like to share the new Pathologic experience with (for free).


See, your reception of The Marble Nest has been overwhelmingly kind—so kind that it does seem like sharing the game with a wider audience would make sense. If it’s as good as you claim it to be, why hide it in the basement? (Especially since it makes that thing down below uncomfortable.)

However, it’s not the only reason why we’re doing this. You’ve mostly liked The Marble Nest—but let’s face it, as backers, you are likely to take most of the things we do in good faith, be patient with us and understanding of our choices.

The rest of the world won’t. Which is why we want to subject our dear little game to the harsh trial of the open gaming world.

For… free?
For… free?
Obviously, we can’t be everyone’s cup of tea. We’re not trying to. And yet we still believe that there is wisdom to be found in the reactions and criticism (or compliments?) of the people unfamiliar with the original Pathologic and our general style of development.

So: please don’t hesitate to download The Marble Nest and try it out. Share the link with your friend. Slide it under your enemy’s door. Show your parents that gaming can be cerebral. Show your teacher the desolation of a dying town.

Experience that brilliant catharsis of going to a forum and sharing with the world exactly what you think of this thing.

We will be there.


For free.

Wait, that last bit didn’t even make sense

P. S. If you’re an alpha or beta backer, everything will happen on its own: your version of The Marble Nest will be updated with the current patch, that fixes a thing or two (and breaks a couple, as is customary with game development). Only now you can share it too!

P. P. S. And whoever you are, behold our beautiful new trailer:

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  • Иван Кротов

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