Pathologic (2006)

A cult classic given new life, Pathologic Classic HD follows the fate of a small town devastated by a deadly plague of unknown origin. Each of the dozens of named characters has their own idea as to the nature of the beast, but only three of them—the Bachelor, the Haruspex, and the Changeling—are imbued with the player’s will and can change the outcome… with their ideas of the best solution being mutually exclusive. The player endeavours to survive in a dying town, trying to juggle stats and resources, explore the world, get to know its characters and save as many lives as possible. Conceived as an “ethical simulator”, Pathologic Classic HD never shies away from putting them in an uneasy situation.

  • An indie cult classic.
  • 12 days in a plague-ridden town. Time is running, and mostly it’s running out; numerous events unfold, whether you’re there to witness them or not.
  • 70+ hours of real-time gameplay without grinding or repetitive quests. As time goes by, more and more things happen, inviting you to participate and change the course of events.
  • 3 playable characters with 3 unique storylines. The Bachelor’s, the Haruspex’s, and the Changeling’s plots are interconnected, but every side of the trilemma is represented separately via unique events, quests, dialogues, and subplots.
  • The plot is critically acclaimed and often regarded as the high point of the game. It’s not just about the fate of the dying town—it’s about an ideological conflict, represented by a multitude of characters and factions, each with their own idea of what life, death, and miracles are.
  • An open-world game. While the plot is there to grab you, the town has no artificial boundaries: you are free to explore it from day one, carving out your own story.
  • Survival is tough. The dying town demands that you constantly keep an eye on your status, maintaining a full belly and decent immunity. That will require tough choices.
  • Communicate, barter, rob, or steal. There are many ways to acquire your bare necessities, each of them with its own benefits and drawbacks.

The atmosphere of bleakness and despair without cartoonish evil or bad guys. Playtime is over—there will be no jump scares or simple solutions. You will have to do it the hard way.

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