Ice-Pick Lodge is a video game developer. Established in 2002, the studio has by now released five games:

2005: Pathologic — a story of survival in a self-conscious town struck with an unknown disease. It required a lot of wandering, a great deal of reading and a fluid take on the events unfolding.

2007-2008: Tension and The Void — a story of survival in a monochrome world of the Void where every living thing depends on Color. Every action there was done by drawing, and the hero was a transparent human-shaped vessel.

2011: Cargo! The Quest for Gravity — crazy even by our standards, this is a story about the world partially losing gravity and ending. It made the player drop flying islands back into the ocean and convert submersibles into aircrafts.

2013: Knock-Knock — the story of a lonely forester haunted by strange nighttime visitors. It made the pkayer consider the causes of insanity, leading them to suspect that the rules of the game are different from what they expected.

Video games come in such a variety of forms that it is almost impossible to perceive them as a single phenomenon. We are fascinated by games that not only entertain, but also provide food for thought and encourage the player to change for the better.

That is why our favorite genre is survival, and our method of choice is a challenge.

Perception is on its peak when the situation is critical, it is most acute on the edge. That is why we put the players in the dire circumstances and allow them to find the solution themselves.

We don’t like preaching. We’d rather ask questions than give answers.

To us, a game as a dialogue between its developers and the players, and a player is a co-author.

Our job is to set the stage, redefine the laws of the world, introduce the problem, and point out how its core connects with everyday reality. The players do the rest, completing the act by virtue of their unique interpretations.

Each game of ours is an experiment. In most cases they lead to unexpected results — meaning they’re successful.