Cargo! The Quest for Gravity

Its dreariness highlighted by seemingly colorful appearances, this dystopian study daringly presents us with a world based upon a metaphor taken literally. “Everything has lost weight, things have flown into space”; upon this foundation, the game builds a thought-provoking narrative, contemplating the importance of cultural heritage, history, and artifacts of everyday life. Thrown into a phantasmagoric world, Flox wants to restore it to normality by extracting FUN from all around her. But can FUN ground us in this world? Can it make the world meaningful again? These are the questions the player will have to ponder.

Oh, and also you can totally kick weird naked people.

  • Kick weird naked people for FUN.
  • Explore crazy environments—including flying islands and huge underwater caverns—filled to the brim with challenges and opportunities to produce more FUN.
  • Build zany yet functional contraptions to face the challenges, kick more weird naked people and simply feel awesome, thanks to the innovative physics-driven engine of the game. Piloting your own creations is FUN!
  • Try the endless sandbox mode that offers an infinity of FUN!
  • Customize the game by adding your own soundtrack. Playing under the beat you know and love is immense FUN!
  • Have FUN!
  • Seriously, this is a game about kicking dwarfs for FUN.
  • Did we tell you they’re naked?
  • FUN
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