Ice-Pick Shop

As you are hopefully aware, the most important IPL-related question is whether The Lodger’s scarf is soft and fleecy enough; and we are proud to announce that it has finally been answered.

Please welcome Ice-Pick Shop—an online shop with IPL-related merchandise.

Behold The Treasures

While video games are regrettably immaterial, the sensory aspect has always been important to us. So it is with great pleasure that we announce that you can now actually touch some things of our making. Running this little production also helps us create a pipeline to make sure the backer rewards are of great quality when we finally produce them (which is, by the way, soon now).

After backers receive their rewards, some of those goods will also become available in the shop.

For now, please enjoy the Knock-Knock, The Void, and Pathologic 2-themed postcards, posters, stickers; wax seals, that are incredibly satisfying to use (wax is just so squishy); a bunch of other goods; and, of course, the True Lodger’s Scarf!

(Which is, by the way, quite soft.)

More goods are to come, so if you’re into this sort of thing, please stay tuned. We ship anywhere in the world.

Quite. Soft

  • Денис Сурдейкин

    >> (И нет, он кусачий.)

    Опечатка, похоже

  • Dmitry

    Чет дороговато за отдельные вещицы, хотя задумка и исполнение, надеюсь, отличные.

  • Portation45

    still nothing on the iron heart necklace? I cant wait anymore for your game to come out! i loved the first one, even it being clunky. Can we get another update or information about its release? please.

  • Leskiy

    к сожалению не увидел постеров с первого Мора: мим на стене управы, девушка в красном (дом Судьи, Виктора Каина), и девушка в синем (дом Виктора Каина). Приобрел бы их с большим удовольствием.

    На самом деле много картин, постеров, фресок, которые отражают атмосферу города и достойны внимания. Жаль что они пока не выпускаются.