Key of Pathologic 2


The time has cometo grab your backer reward keys for Pathologic 2! All eligible backers will find them on the Backer Portal, with the option to choose either Steam or GOG. (The console release is unfortunately scheduled for later, so if you want a console copy, please wait for now.) Having activated a Steam version of the alpha or demo will not prevent you from grabbing a GOG key now, so go ahead!

The Steam keys for the digital art book and soundtrack are also already available in the Dashboard; the GOG keys will unfortunately only become available when the game is released.

And now for the juicy bit: the other rewards.

  • The In-Game Event and In-Game Item will be redeemable via codes you’ll find on the Backer Portal. You’ll need to enter said codes in the game’s menu before you start a new game. Let’s try that again, in caps: THE EVENT AND ITEM CODES NEED TO BE ENTERED BEFORE YOU START A NEW GAME, even if they’re not available from the start. We told you!
  • The Polyhedral Room reward will only be released together with the Bachelor’s storyline. The Polyhedron is his “thing”—it didn’t feel fitting to shoehorn this reward into the Haruspex’s story. Thank you for your patience.
  • The physical rewards will become available later this year, after the release. They’ve all been designed—we’re just waiting for the funds to actually produce and ship the items. So stay tuned!
  • Please double-check your Backer Portal account and make sure you have the proper rewards selected! If you haven’t, the keys won’t drop for you, and we might later run into issues with shipping physical rewards.
  • If you have any questions or problems with redeeming your reward please contact us via private messages on Kickstarter or

That’s about it. It all ends—or rather begins—in three days.