Pathologic 2 Pre-orders Open

The pre-orders for Pathologic 2 are open on Steam now.

The game will cost $34.99 (29.99€) on release; preordering will get you a 10% discount. The official Pathologic 2 digital art book and soundtrack are also available for purchase and pre-order on Steam, separately or as a bundle.

The owners of Pathologic Classic HD are eligible for another 10% discount (you’ll find a coupon in your Steam Inventory). This discount will stay relevant even after the release of Pathologic 2, until the end of May. And yes, the two discounts do stack: pre-ordering with a coupon makes the game 20% cheaper!

If you’re a backer who’s already activated the alpha version key on Steam, you don’t need to do anything else: when the time comes, the alpha version will magically (and automatically) transform into the full game. If you haven’t, the option to get the alpha is now unfortunately closed, but a full game key will appear on the Backer Portal soon. Same with the digital art book and/or soundtrack: the keys will be available on the Backer Portal as well (closer to the game’s release).

tl;dr: If you’re a backer, you don’t really need to do anything for now. The pre-order news mostly concern those who only plan to purchase the game now.

The game comes out in two weeks. This was the second bell.

  • Recognize me

    А как быть, если у меня “Pathologic Classic” на дисках от Буки?

  • Mityaich

    Что с версиями для macOS и консолей?