The State of Pathologic 2

Hey, so, let’s talk about the current state and future release of Pathologic 2.

To make sure we’re all on the same page, let’s start with bullet points:

  • We’ve made the tough decision to release the game in parts
  • The first part—the Haruspex’s storyline—will be available in Q2 2019
  • The Bachelor’s and the Changeling’s stories will be released later
  • After it’s released on PC, the Haruspex’s story will also become available on XBox Game Pass
  • All eligible backers will (obviously) receive all three stories as they get released, no additional payment or fuss
  • For now, we’re unsure how exactly we’ll release the other two stories technically—whether as DLCs or something else. What matters is, they remain as crucial to the overall concept and as content-complete as before, no matter how delivered to you
  • Polishing changes a game a lot

Now, to those of you who have been following our progress, the delay probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise. You’ve seen the alpha; your feedback was very kind to us regarding the mood, story, visuals, and overall concept of the game, but it also made it abundantly clear that the game’s level of polish was still quite far from the goal we’re aiming at. Thus, the delay.

Now, let’s talk about the “only Haruspex first” a bit.

Like, talk talk. Please watch this subtitled video from Nikolay, the head of our studio.

To sum it up, this decision did not come easy to us, but it had to be made for the following reasons:

  1. We want to watch you play the Haruspex’s story just as much as you want to play it—and it will also help us fine-tune the other two.
  2. It would just be wrong to prolong the wait even further.
  3. Your feedback to the Marble Nest and the alpha confirmed some of our suspicions, but also gave us new food for thought. We realized that we need to tweak the game—not its core ideas, but the presentation—some more. Some of our ideas are not what you would call extremely accessible; but that only means that we need to put extra work into making sure only those parts of the game that we want to be confusing, are.
  4. The economic crisis in Russia, that happened just around our KS campaign, seriously hindered the early development. It came out of the blue for many people, and, looking back, we still can’t see how we could have avoided it. We invested our personal savings into the game, worked for free sometimes, and in the end, overcame the issues. But it came at a cost—namely, of development speed.
  5. In this era of soft launches and Early Accesses releasing a game in parts does not have to come as a shock. Some projects choose it do this deliberately. It was not our original intent, but we do think it works fine with the game’s concept.

By the way, we suspect that some of you were planning to play the Bachelor first or were most interested in the renewed Changeling and thus might be frustrated with our choice for the first story. We can only hope that you’ll give the Haruspex a chance and will like him no less than our beloved snakeskin-wearing fop or cryptic thief girl by the end of the game.

Thank you very much for the kindness, understanding and patience.

  • Evgeny Ipatov

    Всё правильно решили. Формат “сериала” тут отлично вписывается и даёт возможность выпустить все три истории проработанными и наконец-то выпустить то, во что можно будет играть. Но есть животрепещущий вопрос – будет ли в стиме season pass на все три части?
    А ещё, в таком формате “сериала” может быть не 3 истории, а больше? Было бы интересно увидеть вышедший после 3-х основных частей, например, историю последних дней Исидора Бураха от его лица.

  • Rafaeru

    Awww… but well I understand. Hopefully I’ll finish the original before you release this. <3

  • Ayoxin Blake

    I’d rather you guys take the time to do it right and at your own pace, even if it means it is in parts. We’ve seen far too many greedy, stupid developers releasing crap and unfinished products on the market this year. Fingers crossed things work out well for you. We’ll be watching with anticipation and optimism, good luck 🙂

  • Дмитрий

    Учитывая уровень пиратства, мне становится страшно за ice pick.
    “Кусками” выходила отличная игра LiS, очень тепло запомнилась.

  • Anastasia Chuvazhova

    Спасибо! Гаруспик – любимейший из персонажей, а после альфы ожидание стало еще тяжелее)

  • Felix Paulusma

    I just hope I’ll have time to play the game when it comes out. Been looking forward to this since the beginning of the KS. Staggering the release sounds like a necessity and doesn’t have too many down-sides, imho. Do your best! I’ll be waiting.

  • DnoFM

    Если надо кусками выпускать, выпускайте кусками, лишь бы удалось завершить. Удачи, ребята! Не знаю, получится ли у вас сделать игру, которая хорошо продастся (чего желаю), но в любом случае у вас есть люди, которым интересно ваше творчество!

    Кстати, может быть в следующий раз (когда уж он будет, неизвестно) сделать что-то с более простыми системами? Смотрю на игры Failbetter Games (Sunless Sea/Skies), они с помощью очень примитивных механик вполне адекватно добавляют интерактивности своим историям. А по факту и у вас и у них есть одни и те же сильные стороны: интересные миры, сюжеты, у вас ещё и арт обычно весьма интересный. Для передачи ваших сильных сторон может быть и нет необходимости в таких сложных для построения играх.

  • Paolo Cadlum

    I don’t mind waiting, better to take your time then to rush your game

  • Sbw Rain

    Альфа была замечательной.
    И, раз надо выпускать по частям, значит, так надо.
    С нетерпением жду релиза!

  • Добавьте режимы сложности при выборе новой игры, пожалуйста. Избыток подсказок и облегчалок не всем нужен.

  • Антонина Пласковицкая

    Что ж, придется ждать до выхода всех трех. Играть “Мор” кусками как-то вот совсем не тянет. Хотя, конечно, лучше подождать еще пару лет, чем получить откровенно недоделанную игру, как это было с сюжетом Самозванки в классической версии…