Top of the Chain

And so it is here. Not Pathologic itself, mind you, but the next best thing: its tabletop counterpart. The production is complete; the tabletop game is ready to be shipped.


It has an awful lot of small thingies, see? That explains the production time

Actually, if you’re an eligible backer, you must have already received an e-mail informing you of this. If you haven’t, please check if the e-mail specified in your Backer Portal Dashboard is correct; and while you’re at it, do make sure that the address listed there is correct as well, since that is where the tabletop will be delivered to.

Translating something as complex and intricate as Pathologic into a different medium is a challenging task—especially since tabletop games do warrant a certain degree of simplification. One the one hand, we had the creators of the original on the team, making this Pathologic as faithful to the core vision as possible; on the other, the new Pathologic video game has always been top priority for the Ice-Picks, so we had to get creative and find opportune moments to snatch bits and pieces of content from them. This made the development slightly longer than expected, and for that we apologize.

Then again, we are happy to announce that Pathologic Tabletop ended up exactly as we envisioned it—while faithful to the original, it is very much its own thing, accessible to the players who are not acquainted with the video game. For example, you won’t find the portrait art for the character tokens anywhere else; it’s actually concept art produced for the modellers that wouldn’t have seen the light of day under different circumstances.

Pathologic the tabletop game will be available for purchase to non-backers too. Actually, you can get it right now on the Backer Portal; and if you do so before the end of week, you’ll be included in the first shipment wave.

Those who have ordered the tabletop will receive further instructions by e-mail. The game will be shipped by Russian Post with the help of Cardplace, a tabletop game store. Sending off all parcels may take up to a month, not counting delivery time. As soon as the delivery is sent, you’ll receive its tracking number and will get the opportunity to stare longingly at the tabletop making its way in your general direction.

As for the game’s retail availability, please stay tuned.

One thing we can tell you though is that we have a lot of completely packed boxes on our hands here, and will do our very best to make sure each of them finds a pair of loving hands.

  • Steve Jansson (Igeherd)

    Увидел на 1:01 коробки с “Тук-тук-тук!” и “Тургор”
    Преждевременно обрадовался, что и они в комплект входят.