Alpha goes to the Beta Backers

Today the alpha goes to backers who have beta-test access. You don’t have to do anything special to obtain it — just open Steam and launch the game.

You already have the key — since The Marble Nest, in fact. If you’ve already activated it, Steam will update the game automatically, and our alpha will replace The Marble Nest. Otherwise, it’s time to visit your personal page at the backer portal and grab that key.

You’re a Beta Backer

Art by Meethos

If you’ve missed our previous update and haven’t played the alpha yet, you don’t have to do anything — it’s going to replace The Marble Nest in your game library automatically.

If you’ve already downloaded the alpha, you’ll have to switch to another branch of the game:

  1. Right-click the name of the game in your Steam Library, and select “Properties”.
    In the Properties window open the “Betas” tab.
  2. Select “NONE – Opt out of all beta programs” in the drop down list.
  3. You’re now in possession of a new and improved version of the alpha, with some of the bugs you’ve found earlier already fixed.

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The Moment of Truth

The moment of truth has come. Today, we invite all eligible backers to play the alpha version of Pathologic 2.

E-mails containing all necessary instructions should already be in your inboxes. If you haven’t received yours, please let us know through any channel of communication, and we’ll fix it.

The Haruspex needs you

What is an Alpha

Art  by Meethos

Playing game alphas sometimes feels more like work than fun. We’ve no doubt you’re all prepared to encounter all kinds of bugs, crashes, hilarious AI glitches and balancing errors. We have, after all, tried to set your expectations by showing our grand collection of ridiculous gifs!

But now you can also help is fix all that. We realize that not everyone has the time to provide extended bug reports, so we did our best to streamline the process for you. You’ll have our eternal gratitude if you find a moment or two to let us know what you think.

Reporting Bugs

Art  by SpaceLaika

If you find a bug, please report it here.

Bugs are, first and foremost, technical issues, e.g. visual glitches (a texture didn’t load), AI problems (a character runs in circles), the lack of an object or line of text, a dialogue not launching. If you have general feedback (which you hopefully do), please provide it via the channels described below.

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Progress Report: June

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope—it’s another gif-laden update charting our progress with Pathologic 2!

Like we said before, many game systems have already been locked in place, and most of our resources go into content creation these days. Still, we keep fine-tuning interfaces and experimenting with sub-systems! So let’s dive right into them.

Trade and Barter


If you can’t match the price, merchants will sometimes accept items too, but you’ll likely have to overpay


People in the street won’t take money and are more selective, but you can get rare items from them

Trade and barter are the bread and butter of the game’s economy—and since it is, in many ways, a resource management game, you will likely spend a lot of time buying, selling, and trading for items. The screens for trade and especially barter took us a while to fine-tune: it’s oddly tough to visualize the idea of item value when it’s not monetary, and convey the understanding that different characters value different goods differently.

To be done: We’re happy with our current trade and barter screens and are now mostly concerned with balancing economy.



If you take human arteries and veins and lay them all down in a straight line, said human has a decent chance to feel slightly unwell


Remember the simpler time, when veins were straighter and organs, less numerous? And blood was drained from a knee? (This is an older version of the same screen.)

Trade, however, is a common mechanic in video games, so there’s a bunch of solutions that we can draw inspiration from. Things become more fun when we work on a unique, lore-heavy system, like autopsy. Even though the process is seemingly straightforward (you take a body, you cut an organ out, you take it), it’s not always trivial to communicate.

To be done: In this case, we want to make clearer still what “organ damage” is and how it works.

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Progress Report: April

Hello and welcome to another issue of Pathologic 2 Report—a post where we showcase our current progress in cool gifs!

Make yourself comfortable, ‘cause the post will be long and we’ll be happy to—


…make a nice, welcoming game.


That was the new district-by-district system of dynamic reputation, by the way, that ensures that if you choose to go on a murderous rampage, people will remember… but not in a magic ‘stop right there, criminal scum’ sort of way. Only the local community cares, so if your reputation in a district drops, you try to avoid the place… unless you need something or someone there.

To be done: The system works as intended, but we need to balance what raises and lowers your reputation, because the townsfolk seem reeeeally unforgiving of petty theft now.


Picking Herbs


It’s like Skyrim, only everyone around is screaming in horror and pain

Picking herbs, that the Haruspex needs for his concoctions, is a process that needs to be both streamlined (i.e. the player should be able to find them with reasonable ease, not waste half an hour on a single blade of swevery) and non-intrusive visually. The system we’ve implemented works as intended, throwing something more on top of visual alerts.

To be done: The system works as intended and is finished.

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Ice-Pick Shop

As you are hopefully aware, the most important IPL-related question is whether The Lodger’s scarf is soft and fleecy enough; and we are proud to announce that it has finally been answered.

Please welcome Ice-Pick Shop—an online shop with IPL-related merchandise.

Behold The Treasures

While video games are regrettably immaterial, the sensory aspect has always been important to us. So it is with great pleasure that we announce that you can now actually touch some things of our making. Running this little production also helps us create a pipeline to make sure the backer rewards are of great quality when we finally produce them (which is, by the way, soon now).

After backers receive their rewards, some of those goods will also become available in the shop.

For now, please enjoy the Knock-Knock, The Void, and Pathologic 2-themed postcards, posters, stickers; wax seals, that are incredibly satisfying to use (wax is just so squishy); a bunch of other goods; and, of course, the True Lodger’s Scarf!

(Which is, by the way, quite soft.)

More goods are to come, so if you’re into this sort of thing, please stay tuned. We ship anywhere in the world.

Quite. Soft

We Come Bearing Gifs

2017 has been a long year, tiresome for many.

So how about we end it with a bang and freeze your browser with a huge gif-laden post highlighting the coolest aspects of Pathologic 2 that you haven’t seen before?

It’s not a full report, mind you. But we haven’t been sitting on our hands, and there is progress to share.

So now we come bearing gifs.


Don’t worry, those weird blue thingies are placeholder

Pathologic 2 is a very sensory game. It’s depicts a disease that, among other things, is spread through bodily contact, so we want the player to always be conscious of what their avatar is touching. At the same time, showing a clunky animation each time you eat a slice of bread would be annoying.

The compromise was to make the inventory UI slick and minimalistic, while highlighting the high-resolution image of everything you’re looking at. It doesn’t emulate the feeling of touching objects with your hands perfectly, but it does make the process of using items less mindless. Previously the hi-res image was only available on the item inspection screen.

To be done: More QoL improvements, like tooltips better explaining the ways you can interact with items. And an improved item inspection screen.

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Christmas comes early this year! And it’s shrouded in darkness.

If you’re a backer eligible to receive the soundtrack of Pathologic 2 as a reward (which is to say, a backer, since even the lowest tier is), expect an e-mail from us today!

And don’t let it get lost on its way, since it contains a link to Theodor Bastard’s Utopia—a bonus album, the tracks from which you’ll hear in the game. This beautiful, shamanistic, and at times downright scary music will either put you in a meditative trance or the state of utter dread. A perfect addition to any Pathologic lover Christmas party.

You will receive a direct link to the losеless files, DRM-free.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Recent News FAQ

We have received a bunch of questions after the recent announcement. A perfect opportunity to make a real FAQ instead of inventing questions, like we do sometimes! Without further ado, here we go.

On the Publisher

Q. Tell us more. Who is in control now? Who makes creative decisions?

We kept our independence, IP, and creative control. tinyBuild is an indie publisher. They work with small teams and have no reason to change our style. They merely want to make the game known to broader audiences—a desire that we share.

No one says stuff like, “Let’s recolor the Changeling—blonds are all the rage now”, or “Twelve days are too much, how about five?” We always have the final say in all things creative.

That said, tinyBuild are not silent, of course. They do provide feedback. “Adding a lamp made looting much more engaging.” “Currently, recoil doesn’t make it clear if you have more ammo or not.” “The street ambience works really well, adding to the atmosphere; can we have more of that?” An outsider’s look is useful—especially late in the development, when you tend to get tunnel vision.

Most importantly though, they do truly like Pathologic 2. So we have a common goal.

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Introducing Pathologic 2, with live gameplay

Hey everyone! My name is Alex Nichiporchik, I’m the producer of games like SpeedRunners, Party Hard, Punch Club, and Hello Neighbor. Today I bring some good news to the backers of Pathologic. I’ll be producing the game from tinyBuild’s side, as we’ve partnered up with Ice-Pick Lodge to help finish this gem.

This has been a while in the making, and we’re finally ready to take the curtain off from where Pathologic is heading as a franchise, and what this means for the game you’ve Kickstarted.

First, the drill-down:

  • What we referred to as Pathologic is now Pathologic 2 to avoid confusion between the original game, Pathologic Classic HD, The Marble Nest, Mor. Utopia, and so on
  • tinyBuild partnered up with Ice-Pick Lodge to bring Pathologic 2 to market in 2018
  • All original pledges are still in effect
  • We’re changing the development methodology to become more open, similar to what tinyBuild did with Hello Neighbor — allowing in-development access to game builds to fans who support the development

Full game is coming in 2018, alphas are coming sooner

In the good old days of game development, typically you’d get a publishing deal in place — receive funding from a publisher, and lock yourselves in for a couple of years until you ship something. Repeat every few years. It’s clear this work method no longer works, not for us or for the industry as a whole. Releasing The Marble Nest gave Ice-Pick Lodge an insane amount of feedback, and after seeing what tinyBuild was able to achieve while being completely open with their fans about games like Party Hard, SpeedRunners, and Hello Neighbor, it was clear the dev process needed a change.

To be clear: tinyBuild is coming on board to help produce Pathologic 2, acting as a publishing partner.

Being Kickstarter backers, soon you will receive the first Alpha build of Pathologic 2. The build will have a slightly smaller town and a few systems in place to demonstrate the atmosphere and some of the upcoming gameplay mechanics. We will gather feedback from fans, and adjust the direction of development based on this feedback.

In the old structure, we would spend months on getting complicated systems in place, and hope everything comes together in the end.

Today we spend shorter sprints on accomplishing smaller tasks, and playtest what we’ve accomplished — figuring out if the direction is still the right one. This empowered us to come up with a few fun mechanics that’ll be playable this weekend at PAXWest in Seattle.

If the reception of the PAXWest demo is positive, that’ll be the first alpha we release to you guys. Stay tuned.

Take a look at the PAXWest demo in action. This is all live gameplay.

Thank you for following the development of Pathologic 2.

Alex Nichiporchik

CEO @tinyBuild